About Me


My name is Georgina. I live in London. I have a crazy life.


I was working in the care industry as a care worker before getting into art. As well as that, I'm a busy mother to 3 and finishing a degree. Things came to a head around Christmas of 2017  and I couldn't maintain the situation as it was. So I decided my entire life needed to be rethought.

After a lot of thought and investigation, I decided to look into art., which was something I had actually wanted to do all my life, but never had the opportunity.


So,  I took the plunge, and haven't looked back since.

Since dedicating myself to art on a full time basis I have gained so many different skills, even little things like arranging the financial side of things. Each problem I face provides a learning curve and I'm happy for the challenges.


I use a wide range of media - paint, pencil, digital art, it really does depend on how I'm feeling on the day, and what I would like to explore. My art is quite eclectic in that sense. I get an idea for something and dive straight into it. And I never really know where that spark will come from!


I really hope you enjoy what I have to offer. And maybe make a purchase! I would be very grateful!


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